Thursday, April 17, 2014



obnoxiouscommunist I think we need to have an intervention on yo ass.


… actually I think we might be too late.

Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm sorry if this sounds like a really stupid question, but I'm honestly not up-to-date with the case. I watched the Nat Geo documentary with the reenactment of the carjacking. I remember a while back some interview where Danny mentioned that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar talked about iphones and girls. I was wondering if they skipped over that in the documentary because it was irrelevant or false info? I always thought that was really interesting though, having a normal convo during a carjacking.

That’s not a stupid question at all! Yeah, according to Danny they talked about random shit. I see no reason not to believe him, so I’m going to assume the Nat Geo documentary left it out simply because it was irrelevant information.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

obnoxiouscommunist I think we need to have an intervention on yo ass.

Anonymous asked: what do you think about this? readyokaygo(.)tumblr(.)com/post/82808873497 It's not just fangirls who don't care about bmb victims. Or do you think it's wrong to not care at all?




i don’t think it’s wrong to not care because i’m not here to police people’s feelings.  people can feel however they want.  but i do get irritated when people who don’t care suggest that other people are wrong for caring. 

my problem with posts like the one you linked to (and it’s not an uncommon opinion, ik many people irl who say things like that all the time) is the policing of how people grieve and the argument that the american government does bad things, therefore, american citizens, the majority of whom are citizens by birth not by choice, are never allowed to be sad about or to memorialize bad things that happen in their city/state/country.  

i guess it just doesn’t sit right with me to imply that people should not feel a certain way because far bigger tragedies have happened.  and it really seems like such a juvenile argument to me.  is it really sad/appalling that the average american doesn’t know about/care about tragedies in other countries? (and  it’s not just the average american because i’m sure the average european/australian/canadianetc does not give a fuck about syria either) yes!  but is it wrong for american citizens to memorialize other americans that were killed? no, no it isn’t.  

it’s totally fine if this guy doesn’t want to be part of memorials for things like 9/11 or the boston marathon bombings because the united states has been responsible for the deaths of millions of others around the world.  but i hate the implication that if you’re sad about it than you’re just a simpleton who doesn’t get it.  


that had literally nothing to do with what he was saying at all. he wasn’t saying anyone was wrong for feeling bad about the people that died here, he was saying that americans are now fully ingrained with the idea that american lives are more valuable than the lives of anyone else in the world. where did he at any point say how anyone else should feel? when did he police anyone’s feelings? he didn’t, he said why he personally wasn’t going to write about it and he explained exactly why.

Basically took the words right out of my mouth. I do get what callinout is saying, because some people do have that attitude, but I saw that post yesterday and also didn’t see it as trying to make Americans feel bad about having memorials for victims of tragedies, I saw it more as “hey, it’s kind of ridiculous that everyone pays attention when an American dies yet thousands of people die overseas directly because of the American government’s actions and no one bats a fucking eyelid.” He’s not saying that Americans should feel bad for mourning their dead, he’s saying that people, in general, need to start paying more attention to the fact that in some places this happens on a daily basis, and the lives of those affected are worth just as much.


broken crown // mumford & sons

the pull on my flesh was just too strong
stifled the choice and the air in my lungs
better not to breathe than to breathe a lie
'cause when i open my body i breathe in a lie

This song fucking speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Anonymous asked: Your post that you just made, is exactly how I feel. I think you just read my mind, lol. When the bombings first happened, I supported Jahar for a short amount of time before I believed in his guilt. Tamerlan isn't anymore responsible, than Jahar is. They're both as equally responsible for the bombings.

Haha, glad I am not the only one who feels this way!

During a private discussion with a fellow blogger earlier tonight, I found out that I may have made certain statements RE: my views on the case that may lead to confusion without realizing it. So I’m just making this little post to clarify that in case I accidentally led people to believe that I hold views on this case that I don’t actually, lol:

  • When I say that I don’t think Dzhokhar was radicalized, I mean that I don’t think he was radicalized by someone else. I absolutely do believe he was “self-radicalized”, I just personally don’t use that term because I find it awkward and misleading. But because I’ve never used it I forget that some people do use it.
  • I now realize that my saying I don’t believe Tamerlan heavily influenced Dzhokhar may have given off the wrong impression as well. Let me reiterate: I do not think Dzhokhar would have become an extremist without Tamerlan, I do not think Dzhokhar would have committed an act of terrorism without Tamerlan. I don’t think Tamerlan would have done it alone either, but out of the two of them I do think Tamerlan probably had more potential for violence. When I say I don’t believe Tamerlan heavily influenced Dzhokhar I mean that I strongly feel that Dzhokhar 100% believed in his motive and that those beliefs were genuinely his own and that once he started having extremist thoughts and decided to participate in the bombings he was just as active a participant as Tamerlan. But I do think Tamerlan was probably a negative influence on him as far as extremism goes, because (and this is more a gut feeling than anything) I feel Dzhokhar would have likely expressed his views differently if not for… well, not just Tamerlan, but all the extremism-exacerbating factors he dealt with. Which were, uh… many. Unfortunately.

Aaaaaanyways like I said sorry if I accidentally confused the shit out of anyone with this! 

Anonymous asked: Unless the Waltham case is closed and they have evidence proving Tamerlan did it how could the defense use it in the trial?

I could be wrong (so someone correct me if I am), but the way I’m interpreting it is that that’s a big part of the reason the defense wants the information on Waltham. Without it, they won’t be able to properly ascertain how likely it is that Tamerlan was involved and won’t be able to use that as part of their strategy.

Either that, or Dzhokhar knows Tamerlan was involved and told his lawyers. That’s also a possibility.

Anonymous asked: Okay dont write about the us bombings but are you really going to ignore the number of people muslims have killed in the many bombings and terrorist attacks? Yes usa is wrong in trying to exploit afghan, iraq, Syria etc but they really didnt deserve the deaths of all those innocent people to be proven that. Anyone who has committed mass murders dont deserve the respect of mentioning their deaths. did the middle east mourn about the usa terrorist bombings? Why should they... Just like usa dont.


What does that post have to do with Muslims? When did I mention Islam? Reread what I wrote and tell me again how you drew that conclusion? There are millions of Christians, Jews, non-theists, and others in those countries that have been harmed by the United States. That you immediately turned this into a question of “Muslim terrorism” says a lot about you. Also, an “afghan” is a blanket, an “Afghan” is a person from “Afghanistan”. I want you to realize how important this is. My post was about space, and the United States taking up space, and you not taking the time to spell out Afghanistan.

Approximately 3 million Muslims live in the United States, and only 0.007% have been charged in domestic terror plots. That’s lower than any other group. And when did I justify or say innocent people deserved to be killed? You are centering this around American feelings which is exactly what I’m critiquing. Millions of dollars have been spent on the #BostonStrong campaign, and billions of dollars have been spent on 9/11. National tragedies in the United States are put on an assembly line and mass produced into commodities to be sold and consumed and people tweet out #BostonStrong #NeverForget to make themselves feel good. That isn’t mourning.

Every single Muslim and Arab group after 9/11 in the United States condemned the attacks, and hundreds of Muslim individuals and movements around the world did too, Including the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Hizbullah. None of whom had anything to do with it. You mention Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, and not once have they ever attacked the United States. Countless photos like this exist, and not only for the Boston Bombing:

Meanwhile, the United States is directly responsible for the genocide in Iraq, the occupation of Afghanistan, in supporting Israel’s colonization of Palestine and genocide of the Palestinians, Israel’s occupations of Lebanon and Syria, and more with tax dollars. Americans don’t simply refuse to “mourn” this, but actively support it.